The Best Conservatory Roof Insulation on the Market 

A conservatory can increase the living space, usability, and value of a house, making it an excellent investment for many homeowners. But if you’re looking to take things a step further and make your room more comfortable, cost-effective and energy-efficient, Sun-Room Ireland offers the very best conservatory roof insulation on the market today 

Having conservatory roof insulation fitted means more than just having the look of your ceiling transformed. It’s a fantastic way to improve your sunroom’s functionality while also saving money on energy bills. Here at Sun-Room Ireland, we offer first-class insulation at affordable prices and install our products in line with our customers’ requirements. 

The multi-layered reflective insulation method we employ to line your sunroom ceiling is the first of its kind, with all panels thermally fused together securely. Our revolutionary insulating product helps balance out fluctuating temperatures in your conservatory, making it useable and comfortable all year round. We guarantee it will keep your conservatory warm in the winter by reducing heat loss; and then cool in the summer by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the interior. This makes your conservatory a welcoming place to unwind at any time of the year, whether you are entertaining guests or enjoying quality time by yourself. 

The conservatory insulation we offer is beneficial because it features seven layers, with two exterior layers of refined and anti-oxidation coated aluminium alloy, divided by two honeycombed layers of air pockets wrapped within a polyethylene film. It then has two more levels of fine insulating material and polyethylene foam.  

We also use hollow tongue and groove uPVC cladding, which considerably decreases the influences of the seasonal weather extremes when combined with our insulation. With our newly fitted insulation, you’ll be able to make the most of your conservatory whenever you like, offering you a great return on your investment.  

When it comes to conservatory roof insulation, Sun-Room Ireland is undoubtedly the best company for the job. The conservatory roof insulation we offer can bring a host of benefits, making it a must-have if you have a sunroom that’s currently under-utilised because it’s either too hot in summer or too cold in winter. Take a look at the list of benefits that you can expect below. 

Benefits of Insulating Your Conservatory 

1. It provides comfort all year round 

With an insulated ceiling, you won’t have to worry about piling up the blankets in chilly weather. Insulation helps maintain a constant temperature in your sunroom, so you and your family will be comfortable using the space no matter what the weather outside. Because our ceilings are designed especially for conservatories, you can count on these results. 

2. You’ll spend less on electric bills 

The best way to enhance a room’s energy efficiency is to insulate it. Our insulation is specially designed to trap heat within your conservatory during the winter and keep the heat out during summer. As well as making the room a more comfortable place to be, this also helps save energy on heating and cooling the space, reducing your energy bills, which is something we’re all looking to do at the moment. If you want to save money over the long term, our experts will be more than happy to install our state-of-the-art conservatory insulation panels for you. 

3. It increases the value of your home 

With rising energy prices, good quality, effective insulation is something that most people will be looking for in a property. So if you’re planning on selling in the near future, having your sunroom insulated can help boost your home’s overall value. For many people, this more than makes up for the upfront cost of conservatory roof insulation. 

4.It can help block outside noise from your conservatory 

While some people enjoy the sound of rain hitting the roof above them, others are not so keen. If you’re using your conservatory as a quiet relaxing space, or even a home office, noises like this can be intrusive.  

The good news is that our conservatory roof insulation panels boast highly effective sound-cancelling properties, making sure your sunroom is a calm, quiet environment, no matter what the weather outside. 

5. It can help shield your belongings and home from the weather 

An all-glass conservatory roof can be both a blessing and a curse. While you benefit from plenty of natural sunlight, furniture and plants can be adversely affected by direct heat and UV radiation from that sunlight. Furniture and other soft furnishing fade in colour, and plants can be overwhelmed and die.  

If you want to protect your possessions from sun damage, our insulation could be the answer. Insulated roofing cuts down on the amount of sunshine entering your conservatory, protecting what’s inside from fading, discolouration, drying or cracking. 

What’s more, the ceiling is fully waterproof and guaranteed to resist humidity. It won’t rot and protects against dampness, so it helps preserve the structural integrity of your conservatory and wider home too.  

These are just a few of the benefits you can expect if you choose our top-quality insulation products and services from the team here at Sun-Room Ireland. We offer our clients only the very best insulation solutions on the market, and we have a host of satisfied customers who can attest to the quality and efficiency of our products and services. 

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Work with Sun-Room Ireland Today! 

As one of the most trusted insulation companies in Ireland, we offer a generous five-year guarantee to give you peace of mind. We also offer all our customers the opportunity to view one of our ceilings before committing so you can see the quality of our work first-hand.  

Because every conservatory is different, we know that one size definitely won’t fit all, so we take your sunroom and your views into account before designing and fitting your new ceiling. Our installation processes are highly efficient, and our staff are fully trained and experienced, having carried out over 3,000 projects, so you’ll see the results you’re looking for in no time at all. The end result is a high-quality upgrade to your existing conservatory that will address all kinds of existing issues while increasing the value of your property.  

Compared to other conservatory ceiling insulation options available on the market, ours excels. It will not fracture, is low maintenance, will not require painting, and most importantly, will never be affected by damp or moisture. Because we specialise in installing these ceilings and design each solution individually for the conservatory in question, you can rest assured that the process won’t put any additional stress on your existing conservatory roof. 

To get started, contact us on 0578 638 015. Get a comfortable living space all year round with Sun-Room Ireland. 


What is the best way to insulate a conservatory roof? 

One of the best types of insulation for a sunroom is aluminium, as it is extremely efficient at emitting and absorbing heat. At Sun-Room Ireland, we’ve designed multi-layered insulation that utilises a combination of aluminium, air bubbles and polyethylene film and foam to help balance out extremes of temperature. 

Is it worth insulating my conservatory roof? 

The right conservatory roof insulation can make your living space more energy-efficient, saving you money heating bills while keeping the room warm in winter and cool in summer. However, there are other advantages too, such as preventing sun damage to fabrics, protecting against damp and so on. 

What do I need to insulate my conservatory roof? 

All you need are the right insulation materials and the services of our trained experts. Our specially designed internal conservatory roof insulation panels are proven to achieve the best results by combining aluminium, aluminium foil, honeycombed air bubbles in a polyethylene film, and polyethylene foam.  

Do you need building regulations to insulate a conservatory roof? 

Typically, yes, Building Regulations approval must be obtained before making any significant modifications or replacements to the glazed area of a conservatory roof. Our in-house teams are fully knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with the requirements of Building Regulations, so we can advise on what’s necessary. 

What are the benefits of insulating your roof? 

Insulation prevents heat from passing through the ceiling into or out from the room. This makes your conservatory a more pleasant place to be all year round, ensuring comfortable temperatures are maintained in both winter and summer.  

That means you can significantly cut back on your energy costs while helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This makes the conservatory roof insulation cost worthwhile. 

Is it recommended to insulate under a metal roof? 

Yes. Because metal is naturally a superior heat conductor to wood, adding a layer of insulation beneath a metal roof is vital. In the winter, high-quality insulation helps to keep your property warm while allowing it to cool off when the temperature rises. 

Can you insulate between roof rafters? 

If you want to insulate your loft, consider installing insulation between and over the rafters, which are the sloping timbers that make up the roof. You can use rigid insulation boards cut precisely or foam insulation sprayed between the rafters. 

How much space do you need between roof and insulation? 

Two inches of air space is generally recommended. Any moisture that escapes up through joints in the insulation is carried away by this gap between the ceiling and the roof. This ventilation area also helps keep the underside of the over-roof surface cold, preventing snow from melting and possibly causing water damage. 

What is the cheapest way to insulate a conservatory roof? 

Ceiling blinds can be a cost-effective yet efficient way to insulate your conservatory if you’re searching for an inexpensive solution. They can be opened or closed at will. However, for a longer term, more efficient solution, nothing beats the quality and benefits real roof insulation offers. Here at Sun-Room Ireland, we offer a highly competitively priced insulated conservatory roof cost 

Does insulation in the roof make a difference? 

Yes! Insulation allows you to save money on energy bills by making your conservatory more energy-efficient. In fact, ceiling insulation can reduce your energy expenditure by between 25% and 35%. The typical conservatory insulation cost is definitely worthwhile if you want to save money over the longer term.  

Insulating a Conservatory Roof: A Good Idea?  

Having conservatory roof padding installed is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want to make the most of this space throughout the year. Conservatories can be a lovely addition to any property with a view; but the goal is to create a warm, pleasant environment where you can enjoy the sunshine and appreciate your surroundings. The issue, however, is that they seldom live up to people’s expectations. 

A conservatory is largely made of glass, and that means the interior heats up quickly. In addition, because even the best double-glazing traps less than half of the warmth of a solid wall, many conservatories become too cold for comfort in winter. 

Replacing a conservatory roof with insulation ensures that the space is more comfortable all year round, helping to even out the temperatures so you can appreciate and use it more. 

Things to Know About Conservatory Roof Insulation 

Having conservatory canopy screening in the form of insulation will improve the energy efficiency of your conservatory, helping you save money on energy bills. But there are other advantages too, such as:  

  • Rain noise reduction.
  • Improving temperature management – it makes you feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 
  • Enhancing the functionality of your conservatory.  

Before you hire a conservatory cover shielding installation service, here are a few things to think about: 

  • Can they seamlessly install the insulation under the existing conservatory roof? Will the roof be able to handle the extra weight?  
  • What’s the overall insulated conservatory roof panels price, and how much saving will it offer in return? 
  • What sort of warranty does the insulation installer offer? 
  • Will they obtain all the necessary Building Regulation sign-offs? If you’re selling a home with a replacement solid roof conservatory, the buyer’s solicitor will almost certainly require proof of Building Regulations approval. 

Vital Thermal Functions of Roofing Insulation Systems  

There are various ways for heat to travel from the outside and into your conservatory. Each has its own impact on building performance, and conservatory ceiling cladding or insulation helps mitigate heat transfer in various ways. 

  • Heat transfer between solid materials in contact is called conduction. This is, perhaps, the most obvious way in which heat moves. Insulation counteracts this by increasing the overall “R-value” of the roof. 
  • Radiation occurs when light, such as sunlight, warms a roof. With the right type of insulation material installed, you won’t have to worry about that heat seeping into your conservatory space. 
  • Convection takes place in gases and liquids as a consequence of heat conduction within the gas or liquid, as well as the movement of these substances. The best way to deal with this type of heat transfer is to cover up any gaps in the ceiling where air can pass through, and this is what insulation does best. 

If your conservatory is a disappointment because it’s out of bounds in warm and cold weather alike, why not consider conservatory roof insulation from the experts? Our conservatory ceiling protection is specially designed and fitted to suit your conservatory and make it useable all year round. Contact us at Sun-Room Ireland today.